AccTEC training - Membership program 

We are encourage our clients and participants to take up our membership program so as to enjoy more discount and other benefits associated with training.


  1. Can we claim for HRDF when utilized credit for the training?
  2. Who can register as member?
  3. Any registration fees or renewal fees for this membership?
  4. Is there any expiry period for the credits purchased?
  5. Is the credit transferable?
  6. How many times can we attend free revision for the same training by the same participant from our company?
  • We are HRDF certified training provider, as long as the trainer is also HRDF certified, you can claim from HRDF.
  • We are welcome all businesses and individuals to join our membership program.
  • There is no registration or renewal fees for joining the membership, however, you need to purchase minimum 5 training credits when join as member. These credits can be used to redeem for training programme.
  • No expiry date for these credits.
  • Not transferable. Credits are locked to the registered business or individual.
  • He is entitled to coma back for the Free-of-Charge revision as many time as possible. We do repeat the training programme on quarterly/half yearly basis. However, if the training is conduct in hotel/resort, we shall reimburse the venue cost from the participant.

Please contact us for more details and or clarification.



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" KAC do provides support on certain professional training programmes, e.g. Sales and Service Tax, Human Resource, Income Tax and Accounting."

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"Training centres are located at KL Bangsar South, PJ 3 Two Square and Puchong Setia Walk. These centres are near to LRT stations and easily accessible."