SST & GST Training

We are trained by RMC – GST division as GST Agents.  As trained GST Consultants, we would be able to assist your business in this area.

We conduct SST/ GST training for companies and also provide advisory services.   Employees need to be updated and retrain on SST/ GST from time to time.  New employees need to know about SST/ GST in detail so as to be able to consider the SST/ GST implication in their functional areas. 

 Most companies would have some areas of non compliance in their return or accounting records.  We can provide an assessment on your compliance so far. 

KAC Advisory Services is registered with HRDF/PSMB to provide approved training under the SBL scheme.

Contact us for a preliminary discussion on the action plan you need to take.

Our seminars details:

Sales Tax & Service Tax Courses by KAC

Our SST/ GST seminar in the news.