GST was repealed on 1st September 2018 and replaced by Sales Tax and Service Tax 2018 ("SST"). SST is a self assessment system and the tax payers has to be responsible for the returns that are submitted to Royal Malaysian Customs (“Customs”). You may have understood the basic SST requirements BUT, are you capable of submitting the SST-02 Form correctly? How can you avoid making mistakes on your SST return form (SST-02).


SST Review services

How would you benefit?

KAC has experienced SST consultants who are able to check and review your SST 02 submission and provide you the necessary and relevant input and opinion on your submission. A SST review will keep your company alerted on SST issues and risk.  Your staff will be continuously reminded on SST compliance issues and latest updates.  The review carried out will indicate to Customs that you have taken reasonable care in compliance and this may mitigate the penalty imposed by Customs for mistakes made un-intentionally.

Scope of SST Audit/Review

  • SST knowledge assessment
  • SST reporting in accounts
  • Check and review SST return to source data
  • Mapping SST accounting system Data analysis
  • Treatment of SST mistakes and improvement in reporting
  • Customs liaison for disclosure, appeal and obtain refund


Ad-hoc Advisory services

We are also able to provide Companies with advice on SST & GST issues that are affecting their business. We have handled penalty issues and able to advise our client to mitigate the damages. We also assist Companies to write to Customs to seek confirmation, Customs Ruling and  Advance Ruling on SST & GST issues.   Feel free to drop us an email or call us for a preliminary assessment with no obligations.

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SST & GST Training

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