SST and Business

The sales tax and service tax (“SST”) was effective on 1st September 2018.  Are you well prepared?  Businesses who are not prepared will suffer as more cash for the business will be required.  You may lose your market share as you tighten your credit period.  Do you know that you may have to pay your sales tax first before collecting from your debtors?

However have you thought about taking advantage of the situation? Anti Profiteering Regulation 2018 has been enacted, so do not fall foul of the law.  However there are other ways of taking advantage of the situation.  Do you want to know?

You only prepare income tax once a year but SST returns are as frequent as  two months once.  Imagine wrong submission over two years before an audit unravel that the returns submitted are wrong.  The penalties for offences are great.

To understand and to avoid the above, come to our training courses.  We will reveal to you all our secrets in our courses.  We will show you how our system of training, SST understanding,  impact study, analysis, implementation planning and review of submission can be carried out economically.

Trainers and consultants are working hard for the above to assist business to comply with SST legislation.  So contact us immediately.