# Business Value Creation (BVC)

BVC – Business value Creation 

A. Leadership, Motivation & Communication

  • Business Value Creation
  • Colour Brain Professional Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • Positive Working Mind Set and Attitude
  • Writing Well in Business World
  • Situational Leadership + Leadchange-
  • Emotional Intelligence and Stress for Personal Effectiveness (Two Days)
  • Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Upskills supervisory skills and change
  • The Essential Skills for Performance Review
  • Team Building

B. E-commerce & Finance

  •  Understanding of social media marketing (e.g facebook). Domain, Hosting and Website Development (Half Day)
  • Finance for Non-finance Personnel

C. Safety & Health

  • Effective Occupational Safety and Heatlh Management

D. Production Logistics & Warehouse

  • 5s + 2s “GEMBA” housekeeping
  • Production planning and control
  • Purchasing costs reduction and negotiation skills
  • Warehouse, store and inventory management
  • 7 Waste and Production Management

E. Sales & Marketing

  • Sales motivation and Inspiration