Choosing MYOB accounting software!

Running a business is not easy and most of the time the business owner is the salesman, the operator, the admin person and the bookkeeper.  We cannot simplify the operation or increase your sales but we can surely help you to keep your figures in place so that you can make useful and timely decisions with reliable figures.  Also with proper record keeping managing your cashflow would be easier.

We make accounting easy for you.   You can keep your accounts correctly with us by your side.  We are experts in MYOB accounting software.  We are not just selling a software.  We are selling you a solution.  With our training and guidance, it is so easy to learn and use this software.  Above all, MYOB is also a powerful software.  It is among the top selling SME software in Malaysia and Australia.

You will be able to maintain proper credit control over your debtors and not missed any payment obligations to your creditors.  Getting your bank balance will be at your fingertips.  You can set reminders, recurring entries, customers’ credit limits, monitor your stocks among many other useful software features.  Using a good accounting software will also improve internal controls in your business.   Getting trust worthy staff is not easy and having a good internal control system is important.

While keeping your transactions up to date, your GST input and output tax are summarised automatically.  Are you getting all heated up as the GST submission deadline approaches?  How and who are tasked with getting the figures right?  Are you sure that your GST submissions are correct and free from future penalties? 

Worry no more, since we can guide you on all your transactions and GST filing requirements!

We are a few Accountants in business who understand business accounting, information needs for business and statutory requirements. 

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