Training timetable

Modular half (1/2) day MYOB training are conducted at KAC Advisory Services training centre in Kelana Jaya, Selangor.  After the training, participants will have a comprehensive knowledge of MYOB software and be able to use the features effectively, thus saving time on Accounting work.  Participants will be able to reduce their data entry time and produce better reports.


Course outline (all modules are 1/2 day sessions)

Module 1 – Introduction to MYOB (suitable for personnel doing hands-on data input)

  1. Introduction
  2. Banking – spend money
  3. Banking – received money
  4. Managing Sales
  5. Managing Purchases
  6. Understanding GST Tax codes
  7. How to apply tax codes to banking, sales and purchases transactions.

Module 2 – Setting up MYOB (suitable for personnel who need to set up MYOB correctly)

  1. Setting up a New Company
  2. Setting up Chart of Accounts
  3. Setting up Sales Detail
  4. Setting up Purchases Detail
  5. Initial Bank Reconciliation
  6. Setting up Card File
  7. Setting up GST tax codes in chart of accounts and card files.

Module 3 – Journals, monitoring, reporting and year end closing (suitable for supervisors/Accountants)

  1. Recording Journal Entres
  2. Reports (Account, Banking, GST, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Card file)
  3. Generate, check GST 03 forms return and upload to Customs website.
  4. System Preferences setting
  5. System Maintenance and Year End Adjustments
  6. MYOB time saving tools
  7. How to control, monitor and audit your staff work

Module 4 – Inventory (stock) and Foreign Currencies (suitable for companies having inventory, buying and selling in foreign currencies)

  1. Setting up Inventory account code
  2. Inventory Card file set up
  3. Buying, Selling
  4. Creating auto build item
  5. Inventory control and report
  6. Foreign currencies account code linking
  7. How to record foreign currencies and generate report


Contact us: 03-78871882/ 03-78801882 to confirm the dates and prices of the MYOB trainings. 


MYOB Reseller

Interested to become a MYOB reseller with KAC? Email us your contact details to for more information.